As we head through the autumn season most of our end of season renovation is either completed or in the process of its last bit of fine tuning just to set us up for the harsh winter conditions that are naturally  going to be thrust upon us over the coming months.

Preparation and progress has been good this autumn despite the extensive work that has been put in over the summer to revive the Baroness Course. All greens on both courses have been scarified to an average depth of 25mm and top dressed using a Medium/Coarse Sand Dressing to help remove some of the accumulated thatch layer and exchange it with a soil that will enhance water percolation heading into winter, thus improving the drainage property of the soil profile. The cultivation work mentioned has been well complimented with the use of soil Oxygen amendment products combined with a Liquid Iron and Seaweed cocktail which will promote better soil pore space, harden up the turf, provide greater resilience for winter disease and give a boost in trace elements for greater recover from the summer drought. Following the scarification all bare spots that suffered from dry patch and the influence of a hydrophobic soil during the summer have been over seeded with a Fescue/Bent mixed seed cultivar.

With winter preparation nearing its entirety, we look now to progress our winter aeration programme which started on the tee boxes in the middle of October and will continue next week on the greens. Aiming for peak depths of 5 inches with a possible heave of 5 degrees we will look to run the solid tines through the greens fortnightly whilst the greens are firm enough to do so, combining this with a final localised overseed and dress of the slightly thinner areas on the greens, to make full use of the reasonably mild temperatures.

Progress is evident on both courses and improvements continue to be made!