I would firstly like to wish a belated Happy New Year to all our members and visitors here at Beadlow Manor. As predicted the New Year has presented us with some precipitation; with approximately 30ml of rain falling since the start of January, and roughly 2cm of snow appearing at the back end of last week, to bring the whole country into a brief state of panic for at least a couple of hours! The snow soon cleared and the golf courses for the first time really this winter showed signs of being slightly wet. I must say I am extremely pleased with the way the course has behaved this winter so far with the fairway and semi-rough conditions being the most accommodating I have seen since the start my tenure here as Course Manager at Beadlow Manor. For us to be able to slit tine the fairways and cut them in the middle of January is something that has never been possible in the 5 or so years I have been at the club, and the ground conditions throughout the winter have allowed us to cut the rough well in to December which has meant the Rough in general is the shortest I have ever seen it during the winter season here. The introduction of hand mowing the greens with our new John Deere mowers has significantly increased the amount cutting we have been able to achieve, and it is gearing up nicely for spring when we will look to perform all our pre-season renovation work to accelerate us into the summer.