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Beadlow Manor Hotel and Golf club is set in 307 acres of Bedfordshire countryside and is home to 36 holes of golf.

The Baroness golf course measures 6,098 yards from competition tees and the Baron course is the more challenging golf course and measures 6,611.

Both golf course commence play from the clubhouse and wind their way through mature woodlands providing an enjoyable and scenic round for golfers of all abilities.

Diazepam 10 Mg Buy Online
Alistair has coached golf for over 30 years and is a PGA Advanced Professional. During this time he has worked at some of Europe’s top clubs and worked for various golf academy’s including The Jack Nicklaus Golf School and the world renowned David Leadbetter Golf Academy where he trained with David in Florida.
We have  a 25 bay floodlit driving range open from 7am-9pm everyday.
Beadlow Manor has the choice of two 18 hole championship golf courses, the Baroness at 6098 yards and the more challenging Baron at 6611 yards.

Don’t let the weather get you down this winter… at Beadlow Manor there are NO TEMPORARY GREENS this winter season!

Buggy use will be reviewed on a daily basis and, if conditions permit, will be allowed out.

Please check our social media for daily updates on our course conditions.

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