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Beadlow Manor is a well established destination for golf in Bedfordshire, boasting two 18 hole golf courses, floodlit driving range, bar, function rooms and hotel all on site. We are an equal opportunities employer and are always looking to create a positive and forward thinking team of employees.

Buy Adipex P Canada

Position: Full time Housekeeper            Reference: HSK

To undertake the preparation of the hotel ready for visiting guests and general housekeeping in the Golf Clubhouse. This is a FULL TIME position. All applicants are welcome. Previous experience in a similar role is desirable.

Diazepam 10 Mg Buy Online

Position:  Casual Clubhouse Assistant        Reference: CGA

To assist in all aspects of the Clubhouse operations, ranging from serving customers in the bar, assisting with all functions and checking hotel guests and golfer in. Hours are to include evenings and weekends. All applicants are welcome. Previous experience in a similar role is desirable.

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