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Visitors and members’ guests are always welcome at Beadlow Manor, and are required to adhere to the golf club’s dress code when on the course[s], practice facilities and putting green.

Monday – Friday Baroness Baron
18 Holes £25 summer £25 summer
9 Holes £15 summer N/A
Members Guest (18 Holes) £18.50 summer £18.50 summer
Members Guest (9 Holes) £13.50 summer N/A
Juniors £10 £10
County Card Holder £18.50 £18.50
Saturday-Sunday  Baroness  Baron
18 Holes £30 Summer £30 summer
9 Holes £18 summer N/A
Members Guest (18 & 9 holes) £22.50 summer 9 holes £13 £22.50 summer 9 holes £13

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The driving range accepts coins but does NOT accept notes, so please bring some change with you for the winter opening hours. We close early on our winter hours but you can still use the Driving Range by using coins to pay as you will not be able to buy a token if the clubhouse is closed

Alternatively please come in and ask us about our NEW BEADLOW RANGE CARDS WITH UP TO 30% OFF THE CURRENT BALL PRICES. These can be purchased in the clubhouse with a minimum top up amount of £30 required to activate the card then you can top up as much or as little as you need to receiving the discounted prices immediately


50 BALLS £3.50

75 BALLS £5.00

100 BALLS £6.00

Society Packages


In addition, we are committed to NO TEMPORARY GREENS, making your winter that little bit better!

Group golf & hospitality from 12 people. Please see our Summer Rates below;

Par Package
Tea /coffee and freshly cooked bacon rolls on arrival with 18 holes on either the Baroness or Baron golf course. £29

Par Plus Package
Tea /coffee and freshly cooked Full English Breakfast on arrival, 18 holes on either the Baroness or Baron golf courses £32

Birdie Package

Tea /coffee on arrival with 9 holes of golf on either course followed by a 2 course lunch, followed by 18 holes of golf on either course £52


We are happy to organise longest drive and nearest to pin competitions for corporate days and larger golf societies. Please discuss when inquiring about using Beadlow Manor Golf Club for your golf day

For more information regarding booking your society with us, please contact, or call a member of the team on 01525 860 800.

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