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Success Stories…

Buy Phentermine Australia Online

Annabel Pitts (hcp 5) finished her season very much as she started it by winning trophies. In the last few weeks of the season the former Beadlow Manor junior in her first year as an adult added another three trophies to her collection with wins in the County Mixed Foursomes, the Ladies Club championships at South Beds and the Platt Trophy at Woburn.

Teaming up with Ben Evans (South Beds) the young pairing attempted to exploit local knowledge on the South Beds golf course. Nonetheless, an eight over par 79 in the morning round saw them three shots off the lead, but they were peerless after lunch and put together the round of the day with a 3 over par 74 to win the trophy by 4 shots, in a field of 33 pairings.  Pitts then turned her attention to matchplay finals at South Beds and Woburn.  Pitts ran out an easy winner in the 36 hole South Beds event against Katriona Close (hcp 8), courtesy of a sparkling 1 over par round in the morning which saw her with an 8 hole advantage and the victory was quickly achieved early in the second round.  The Platt Trophy Final at Woburn against Lily Robinson (hcp 8) was an altogether different affair.  The top 8 ladies from the Club champs play in a separate scratch matchplay event for the Platt Trophy.  The final saw both players with the upper hand at some point.  Pitts was 3 down early on, got back to 2 up by the 16th but good play by her opponent saw the match go into extra holes, with Pitts securing the match on the 20th hole.

The Bedfordshire youngster has now started her first year attending golf college in Plymouth which will provide her with both opportunities to further her education, and to utilise excellent practice facilities and play on Championship golf courses both here in the UK and abroad (during the winter months).

Picture (to right): Annabel Pitts with Ben Evans celebrating their County Mixed Foursomes win.

Annabel Pitts

Annabel Pitts started playing golf from about the age of 10 following encouragement from her father and brothers, going to the driving range at Beadlow Manor and regularly attending junior group lessons every Saturday. Annabel attended the Friday night roll ups at Beadlow, played internal competitions, and then started playing interclub matches for Beadlow and entering local Junior Opens. From this Annabel has progressed to represent her county at junior and senior level on numerous occasions, and play for SE England Schools.  Annabel has also played abroad, qualifying and competing in the Junior European Open in Spain, coming third in 2015 and last year bagging a ‘hole in one’ during the competition, and was part of the England Golf East of England development squad for the past 2 years.


Annabel had a remarkably successful year in her last junior season in 2016 winning her third consecutive individual Bedfordshire Girls County Championship, becoming the Ladies County Champion for the first time, and helping Beadlow juniors to victory for their fourth consecutive county team title (Tavistock Trophy), personally playing her third final in a row.


In her desire to maximise her playing opportunities Annabel is also now a member of South Beds and Woburn, where she regular plays in various scratch team events. Nonetheless, Annabel remains a home player at Beadlow Manor and remains appreciative of the support from the club, her family and Bedfordshire County.

Annabel (who is now playing off a 3 handicap) has already stepped up her event diary this year, achieving a solid performance (34/71) in a high quality field at the Hampshire Rose (played at Justin Rose’s course North Hants).

Annabel continued her strong start to the season by competing in the Ladies County Championship in May. After three tough days of golf Annabel prevailed beating Sophie Hillier 4&3 in the final to retain the title for the second successive year.

Annabel will now go on to represent Bedfordshire to find the County Champion of Champions in September at Woodhall Spa, we wish her every success.

You can continue to follow her progress from this part of the Beadlow Manor website.

Harry Boyle

Harry Boyle joined Beadlow Manor as a 9 year old and continued to play his golf as a Beadlow Manor player throughout his junior career. Harry was a keen all-round sportsman playing football and especially tennis to a very good standard, before focussing on his golf from the age of around 16.

Harry enjoyed much success as a junior being the first Beadlow Junior Captain to lift the Tavistock Trophy (in 2013 and help retain it the following year), and also winning the individual Boys County Championships in 2013 and 2014 as well. Harry qualified to play in various national events in Ireland and Scotland as a junior and he has represented Bedfordshire County at all levels up to and including Mens First Team. In 2015 (his first year in the adult ranks) Harry won his first World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) event when he secured the 72 hole Herts Bowl title, and followed this with further wins at Woburn (U.21 Prince of Wales) and East Berkshire (Wilson Bowl).

In 2016 Harry continued to compete in a number of elite amateur events, with top 25 finishes in The Berkhamsted Trophy, South East England Links (Royal St Georges) and The Tillman Trophy (East Sussex National) , before making the decision to take up an athletic scholarship to study and play golf at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) in Tennessee, USA.

You can follow Harry’s progress in the USA via the link below which contains all the season’s information (e.g roster, schedule, results) for LMU. Buy Valium Reviews

Currently, Harry is ranked (by GolfStat) in the top 100 players from all 220 Division 2 college golf programs in the US, and is amongst the top dozen freshmen at this level. His WAGR ranking is ~1750 which along with his current +1 handicap will see him looking to play in some of the big amateur events in the UK when he returns for his summer break in May.  You can follow his progress via this area on the Beadlow Manor website.

Why not give the General Manager James Hetherington a call who will be more than happy to show you around the superb facilities or speak to our membership department: 01525 860 800

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